Here's what the two Partner Bars in Malaysia have got lined up for SMWS members this month.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your support at the recent WhiskyPLUS event. We were delighted to meet so many of our existing SMWS members in Malaysia (as well as some from overseas chapters).

We hope you enjoyed sampling the whiskies from our latest outturn (The Winter Warmer was a real big hit!) and speaking to our Master Brand Ambassador John McCheyne.

To the new members of SMWS Malaysia who joined us that day, we bid you a warm welcome, and we hope to see you, as well as all our esteemed existing members, at our upcoming events and activities this year.

As you may know, we have two SMWS Partner Bars in Malaysia - The Whisky Bar KL and The Cabinet @ Bangsar - whom we are constantly working with to curate engaging and inspiring events and promotions for all SMWS members.

Here's what the two Partner Bars have got lined up for SMWS members this month.



Paint Your Food With Single Cask Whisky:
The Whisky Bar KL and The Steakhouse is offering a set of unique food pairings with SMWS single cask whiskies. It doesn’t matter what your palate desires, you have a whole palette of flavours to paint with. Have a Smoky & Gamey treat with a Beef Carpaccio paired with a Bonfire At A Rocky Island Shore (SMWS 29.208). Get Rich & Robust with an Exotic, Exciting, Edgy (SMWS36.135) pairing with Josper Grilled Black Angus Striploin. For dessert, try something Creamy & Satin by giving in to a Classic Italian Tiramisu Mango with a dose of Carefree Contentment (SMWS 7.164), or go for a Fruity & Velvety treat with Crepes Suzette and some Spiced Fruit On A Treacle Tart (35.189)

SMWS 1.0: Single Cask Nation:
As SMWS members, we are all citizens of the single cask nation. So give in to the temptations of single cask whiskies and enjoy a flight of five tantalising, contrasting and complementary flavours for RM178. First, get cosy with a Soothing And Inviting (SMWS 55.41) dram, before moving on to a sumptuous Beurre Blanc And Blue Steak (SMWS 93.76). Experience a Storm In A Barrel (SMWS 46.52) that will make you want to Surrender Your Soul (SMWS 4.238) and smoke it over some Vanilla Chimney Stacks (SMWS 53.244). 

SMWS 2.0: Alice’s Afternoon Tea In The Speyside:
Follow Alice down the rabbit hole in whisky Wonderland, where each dram just gets curiouser and curiouser!  Enjoy a scrumptious ‘Afternoon Tea’ with a flight of four whiskies for RM298. Join us for A Gastronomic Gardening Gathering (SMWS 41.91) for some Drunken Cherry Coconut Ice Cream (SMWS 54.45) while Making Cake By the Cracking Fire (SMWS 7.155), before ending the day by Meeting An Old Master (SMWS 24.129, The Vaults Collection). No Mad Hatters allowed.


The Cabinet at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar is well-known for being one of the top cigar lounges in Malaysia, and everyone knows one of the best spirits to pair with a cigar is whisky.
Being one of the SMWS’ Partner Bars, The Cabinet naturally has access to some of the best flavour-driven single cask whiskies in the world, perfect for pairing with an exquisite cigar.
This month, The Cabinet is offering three one-of-a-kind pairings - one with a cigar, one with cheese, and one with dessert - for all members and fans of SMWS to enjoy. You can enjoy these seperately, or as a flight.

Madeira Market Coffee Break (Cask 9.124) + Romeo Juliet Petit Churchill
This exquisite pairing combines the sweet peppery notes from the whisky, and the coffee and walnut notes from the cigar. A calm and relaxing combination, one where you can just close your eyes, and truly imagine that you are on a Madeira Market Coffee Break.

Free The Imagination (Cask 10.114) + Cheddar Cheese
Who says cheese can only go with wine? It’s time to Free The Imagination, as the sharp tang and bitterness of cheddar cheese combines beautifully with the salty sweetness of Cask 10.114, resulting in a burst of acidity that enriches an already flavourful palate.

Opens Like A Flower (Cask 7.179) & Triple Chocolate Ice Cream
Here’s one for those with a sweet tooth. Delicious chunky triple chocolate ice cream rich in cream and cocoa, combining with the whisky that truly Opens Like A Flower, with a perfume-like nose and rich toffee palate that will bring you on a rich cocoa journey for your senses.

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